Answers to LSC’s most frequently asked questions about Travel Soccer

How long is the season?

Many of our teams begin the indoor seasons in early November. The first session runs from November to January, the second session runs from January to April and the outdoor season runs from May 1st to July 31st .

How far do the teams travel? 

The indoor sessions are typically played either at Sportsplex in North Tonawanda, Epic Center in Lancaster or Sahlen’s Sports Center in Elma. The league tries to schedule teams geographically based on skill levels. The area teams come from to play runs from Newfane to Lewiston to Lakeshore to Elma. Half of your games are played at home and you may only travel to the outlying areas once in a season.

Can I play travel soccer and Kenan Soccer at the same time?

We encourage our players to play house league as well as travel if it is possible. The more a player plays, the better they become. This also depends on what day or evening your teams play. It is not fair to either team if you miss half of your games for either team.

Can I only play indoors or outdoors?

This is up to the coaches discretion. The indoor teams sometimes use less players and the roster can be expanded for outdoors. A coach will look at players who want to commit to the whole year and if a spot is available come summertime they can add players. We ask coaches to commit to players for the 3 sessions and we ask the players for the same commitment.

Who determines if a player makes the team and which team they make?

We are trying this year to keep players within their age group. We find that teams with diverse ages on the team do not do as well during competition. The team is picked by the coaches with final approval from the board. Exceptions can be made but it will be between the coaches and the board.

Can I change teams mid year?

The Coaches work very hard to create a team that works well together throughout the year.  It is very difficult to do that if players are moving between teams.  For this reason, player may not change teams mid year.

What is the policy for Cancellation of games due to inclement weather?

Soccer is played in the Rain!

Any cancellation of games will be made at the fields at game time. Only in rare situations will sessions be canceled and announced in advance. Canceling games in advance is difficult mainly because of varying weather patterns across town or at different times throughout the day. Games will be immediately delayed, postponed or canceled in the event of thunder, lightning or hail. In these situations, participants, spectators, coaches and referees should seek immediate shelter (e.g., building or automobile). Play may also be suspended or moved if the fields are determined to be hazardous to players. Games stopped after the second half of play has started are considered complete by rule. 

What is the cost of a season?

The cost averages $200 per player for the Winter indoor and Summer outdoor season but may be slightly more if a team plays an additional indoor session. This cost includes league fees, referee fees, and insurance fees. A nominal $25 field rental fee is also collected from teams using the Kenan Arena fields for practice.

Costs not included in the annual fee include the player’s uniform, cleats, and shin guards, which are required. Uniforms are $85 and include two jerseys (one yellow, one blue), one pair of shorts and a pair of socks. Additional costs may be incurred on an individual team basis, depending on the extent of professional training and tournament activities.

When are tryouts?

Tryouts are typically held on a weekend in early August . Dates, times, and locations will be posted on the site when applicable. Teams may also hold a single tryout session if there is a need for more players.

If I have questions, who can I contact?

Any questions can be asked through the LSC Contact Page.These questions will then be forwarded to the proper person to address.